Frontier Pool installation
Pool Installation

Have you dreamed of owning your own pool?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Frontier Pool excels at making the dream of pool ownership a reality.  So using our decades of experience, personal service, and second-to-none construction processes, you can rest assured that the pool of your dreams is within your grasp. Above all you can count on Frontier for your future pool services as well.

Our close partnership ensures that each step in the process meets with your total approval. From initial design to final pool installation and start-up, we are committed to building a quality product that satisfies every detail. Therefore we invite you to give our sales team a call so they can show you what Frontier Pool can do to make your backyard a great backyard!

Major Pool Renovation

Frontier Pool are specialist in major renovation of in ground vinyl lined pools. Look to Frontier Pool to take an old, tired, and worn out pool and make it new. Because it is our pleasure to install new coping, pipes, skimmers and liners. We add lights, steps, benches, and water features. Therefore allow Frontier Pool to work with you to coordinate deck removal and replacement, electrical, and landscaping. So when complete, the pool looks like new, and performs like a brand new pool.

Liner Replacement

If you’re looking for a wide selection of liner options, and a choice of liner thickness, look no further. In addition we can build steps inside the pool that can be covered with the liner to provide easy access to your pool. Therefore our liner crew works quickly, and neatly, with most installations completed in just a few days.

Equipment Repair

Filters, pumps, heaters, lights, and more. If it is out there, we have fixed it. Allow Frontier Pool to also let you know when it’s time has passed and should be replaced. Frontier Pool also repair pool tile, and coping, pool walls, and piping, just about everything found on a swimming pool. We offer minor deck repairs as well. All repairs are done carefully and quickly to ensure your utmost swimming enjoyment.

Leak Detection and Repairs

Frontier Pool are leak detection experts. For instance we can find leaks in pool pipes, vinyl liners, and pool structures. Once discovered, we can repair all types of pool leaks. Minor pool leak can cause major problems if left unresolved. Therefore let us solve them for you.

Pool Maintenance

There are a wide range of pool opening options available, from simple equipment start up, to complete pool opening, clearing, and cleaning. In addition we also offer a complementary walk through/lesson for any of our pool opening customers. Inconclusion spring pool season can get very busy and so we recommend you schedule early to ensure your pool is ready on time. Rates begin at under $200


Our cleaning crews use the most up to date tools and techniques to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe all summer long. Therefore it is Frontier Pool’s job to keep your equipment running properly, to protect your investment, and maintain proper chemical levels to ensure a safe and healthful swimming experience. For instance there are a number of options offered: weekly, bi weekly and monthly maintenance plans. In addition there are also pool services for vacation coverage and one time cleanups if your pool has gotten away from you. Rates begin at under $60


We offer a full range of swimming pool shutdown options, from simply blowing the pipes, to winterizing a swimming pool completely. For instance Frontier Pool offers emergency rush service at no extra charge if requested. Allow us to supply your chemicals and equipment, as well as selling and installing in ground pool safety covers. Rates begin at under $200


Our winter program is another option we offer. In other words New England winters can be very long and cold and we are available to ensure that your pool receives the attention it needs to avoid any off season damage. Rates starting at $75

Salt Systems

Salt systems or automatic chlorine generators are one of the most exciting new features found on swimming pools today. While the technology has been around for years, the wonderful benefits have only recently enjoyed widespread acceptance. Therefore these systems eliminate the need to purchase and handle chlorine and other chemicals. Your pool actually produces its own chlorine, and allows you to maintain the optimum levels with the absolute minimum effort. Your pool stays crystal clear and sanitary, practically abolishing algae problems. However the greatest benefit is discovered in the water, it feels softer, silkier, and eye irritation is virtually eliminated. We offer a complete line of salt water systems. Give us a call to learn more about these amazing devices.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Frontier Pool feature POLARIS automatic pool cleaners. These pressure driven cleaners provide unmatched performance, reliability, and convenience. However your pool can be cleaned on a daily basis with absolutely no involvement on your part. In addition vacuuming, brushing, and sweeping can be almost totally eliminated. You will spend more of your pool time swimming rather than cleaning. We offer a wide range of POLARIS pressure side cleaners. Let us show you how easy pool cleaning can be.

Water Features

Water features are increasingly being found around more and more pools. Therefore moving water provides interest and enjoyment that a flat water pool does not. So we can provide water falls, sheer decent features, laminar jets, splash pads, slides and other deck features. Let us show you the many options available that will add interest and fun to your pool.

Swimming Pool Control Systems

Frontier pool can provide automatic control systems which can manage your entire pool system. Therefore pool lights, pumps, water features and heaters can all be programmed to run as you wish. So no more forgetting to turn equipment on or off. In addition Pool water can be tested, and chemicals added, all automatically. With a wireless remote control, you can check air and water temperatures, turn on your heater and outdoor lighting, all from the comfort of your living room. In other words give us a call to discover how surprisingly affordable our control systems can be.

Pool Services

Rocket Stove Pool Heater

If it’s too cold to take a dip in your pool then call Frontier Pool! Because we can build you a custom rocket stove. Therefore you can use it to keep your pool nice and warm. In addition you won’t have to constantly feed it more wood. The stove can also be used as a fireplace to warm up or we can even turn it in to an oven to cook your pizza.

Nothing beats sitting in a nice warm pool while snow drifts down on you. Frontier pool services can provide you the wood for your new stove, too.